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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Supernaturals Omnibus Collection No. 2 is Available!

This is just a quickie to let everyone know that if you have been holding out for The Supernaturals Omnibus Collection is now available. It is a great deal cheaper than buying all the books separately so now is your time to grab a copy.

Although the covers are combined on the front cover (due to me not wanting it to look like a box set as they are great online but not so great lined up on your Kindle Fire, iPad or Nook Color), each novella has its original cover before the story starts. So you actually get each cover every other buyer received when they bought them separately. Great deal, right? And there is a full, clickable Table of Contents for every novella in the anthology. PLUS did I mention is it over four hundred pages of reading material so you'll have something to take you for a while.

Enjoy and happy Tuesday!

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