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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Splash Blog Hop!

Summer Splash Blog Hop

My contest is easy and simple. 
Enter to win a copy of my brand new book, Out From Under, the first novel in The Lovers Duet. There will be three winners! Good luck!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Cover Reveal for Out From Under

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Title: Out From Under (The Lovers Duet)
ETA: This novel has now become a duet. In Too Deep, the conclusion of The Lovers Duet premieres in September of 2013.
Author: Selene Chardou
Expected release date: July 31st, 2013
Genre: Romantic Mystery & Suspense / Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Cover Designed by: Alicia C. Mattern (https://www.facebook.com/AliciaCMatternCoverArtist) and CL Smith (www.goonwrite.com

Book Description:
Trista Lennon is strong, independent and only desires freedom. Freedom from the control of her parents, freedom from the motorcycle gangs she has had to put up with her whole life and freedom from a relationship that will trap her into the very life she has no wish to ever live.
The day before she’s supposed to leave for Stanford University to pursue her dreams, her world is shattered. After a tragedy that tears her family apart, her cousin, Talia, invites her to L.A. Her life is all the sudden Hollywood stars and sunshine, late nights and wild parties.
And then she meets him.
Linx Carter isn’t looking for a relationship. He survived a dysfunctional marriage with his childhood sweetheart, which produced two sons, an inability to trust women and a multitude of lies. He merely wants to recuperate from a rough, six month tour Winter’s Regret just completed with superstar band, Scarlet Fever, and enjoy a little peace and quiet.
Until he sees her.
Trista and Linx fight their attraction for one another like war on a battlefield.
She has a closetful of secrets and he would rather be single and pathetic than date a teenage girl who seems older than her years. However the passion between them is too much to resist and they realize in order to heal one another, they must destroy the walls they have constructed so tightly around their hearts.

Add Out From Under to your Goodreads TBR List Here: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18190579-out-from-under-a-novel
Blog: The Realm of Selene Chardou located http://selenechardou.blogspot.com/

Friday, July 12, 2013

The 1000 Likes Giveaway

The Novels up for Grabs!!!

 There will be one grand prize winner and in addition, a Romance e-book pack and a Fantasy e-book pack. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Elle's "Sizzling Summer Blog" Stop

Summer has always been one of my favorite times of the year and if you have ever read any of my books, you'll realize that quite a few of them either take place in the summer or the winter.

All four of the novels I am offering as part of the blog hop take place either entirely during the summer or mostly in the summer and that is a great thing because summer is all about sun, sand and fun. Barbeques and backyard get togethers. Swimming pools and trips to the lake.

Now, for more about the books I am offering and their blurbs...

“Life is really strange. Two events have shaped mine although I am only twenty-four, a successful entrepreneur and owner of my own gallery, Maison des Artistries, in Tribeca. One happened when I was ten: I realized I was in love with my brother’s best friend, Paul. The other event happened while I attended Vassar College during my last semester.”

Jerrica Peterson doesn’t believe in fairytale relationships but she does believe in friendship and she has three best friends who will stick by her through thick and thin.
Jerrica and her best friends: Talia, Autumn and Savannah bond over a summer of heartbreaks and discoveries, love and scandal, and three unforgettable vacations to Southampton, Martha’s Vineyard and Miami Beach. Every moment they spend together will enrich their lives and make it a summer they will never forget and one they will always remember.

A Summer to Remember is the first novel in Seasons of Love & Lust, a combination of Gossip Girl meets Sex & the City

Five years ago, Evie Sandstrom and Finn Reilly were best friends and first loves. Although neither has forgotten this time of their lives, they have moved on.

Evie is now a college student who has decided to transfer for her junior year to Boston University to be closer to her family…and Finn Reilly is still there, waiting for her, in Charlestown.

During part of a gorgeous summer, they fall in love again only to be torn apart by Evie’s mother, the beautiful and untouchable superstar, Athena Donahue. Evie is angry and determined to get even and her mother makes it too easy for her…she’s married a 30 year old boy-toy French model and he is dangerously attracted to Evie. Love and lust can collide in the cruelest ways and now Evie finds herself conflicted, caught in the crossfire, and swept in the undertow.

Deirdre Bardot is a PhD student at Harvard and on her way home for Thanksgiving when she finds out her father has been murdered in a vicious hit and run by a drunk driver.
Forced to piece her life together after such a traumatic event, Deirdre moves back to Seattle to be closer to her younger sister, Caitlyn, and their mother.
When her psychiatrist, Dr. van der Meer, suggests she needs to get away from it all and take a vacation, her best friend decides to introduce her to a friend of his who has more or less the same idea. Colin is perfect: he's good looking, self-deprecating and sexy as hell but he also happens to be the Dr. van der Meer's son.
Deirdre finds herself falling hard for a guy she barely knows and one who is equally into her as she is into him. They decide a trip to Western Europe together is the perfect way to get to know one another a whole lot better.

Then an unspeakable and random act of violence occurs one night and Colin realizes he is forced to reveal a secret to Deirdre he has been hiding...a secret that is breaking him, and in doing so to free his conscience, he just might destroy the relationship he has created with Deirdre and lose her forever.

Is love truly enough...ever?

Deirdre Bardot thought she and Colin van der Meer would be okay after a revelation about his past left her devastated beyond belief. However, when emotions and logic aren't aligned, she finds herself in a situation where she must flee or the relationship itself will end up drowning her.

After an explosive secret is revealed, she leaves her life in Seattle behind and starts anew in La Jolla. However, she didn't anticipate having the dashing "sex on a stick" neighbor in the form of Drake O'Connell. He's sexy, self-depreciating and a chef for one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

However everyone has secrets and as Deidre and Drake become closer, her old life catches up with her. Soon, Colin is living in the same city and pushing Deirdre to make a decision. While she finds herself falling for Drake yet still not letting go of what she and Colin had together, she must come to her own conclusions and in the end, someone will get hurt in the process.

When life is love and love is pain, and the whole world is various shades of gray, Deirdre gains strength in realizing she must do what is right for her and the future she desperately wants while trying to come to terms with a past she would rather forget.


What is your favorite part about summer and what do you look for in a summer read? 
All you have to do is leave a blog comment.

 You could win......

(Alternate prize for international winner)

Fabulous Swag Pack #1
+ $10 Amazon/B&N GC
+ Several surprise digital books
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Fabulous Swag Pack #2
+ $10 Amazon/B&N GC
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Plus my own contribution, a Fabulous Swag Pack #3*
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