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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For the contemporary romance readers out there!

I need to stop working so much but if I didn't love what I did, I wouldn't write and I surely wouldn't be able to produce all the books I do. Lara & the City of Angels is the first from Elle Chardou's contemporary romance series, Superstar Marriages and let me just say how proud I am to be going back to my roots.

I first started in contemporary romance but I absolutely LOVE writing paranormal romance/gothic/urban fantasy. This one was difficult because it took me a while to get back into the groove but once I did, I loved it!

I just hope all you contemporary romance buffs love it too. Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful Wednesday!



The Gorgeous Wife
Lara MacIntyre-Buchanan has it all: a handsome husband, a beautiful daughter and more money than she can spend in a lifetime. Looks can be deceiving and although Lara should be one of the happiest women in the world, she is miserable. So much is missing from her life but the most important, she needs love…

The Superstar Husband
Sean Buchanan is movie star supreme: he has Lara, his blue-blood wife, and a lovely daughter. He also has a billion-dollar movie career that has spanned more than a decade. His wife gives into his every need and she has been the perfect submissive until now but it is no longer fulfilling. Now he wants more…

Marriage Interrupted
Lara takes a part in a cable television show to get away from her so-called perfect life and meets the perfect guy instead. Kristian Stenfeldt has his share of flaws but he is everything her husband is incapable of becoming and now she has to make a decision. Should she hold on to the life she has cultivated or throw it away for a mysterious future that could hold limitless possibilities?

WARNING: This is an erotic contemporary romance story part of the Superstar Marriages Anthology. This story contains a badly behaving movie star, a submissive wife who has to come to terms with finding a backbone, a hot guy who is too delicious to resist and a storyline that guarantees an HEA…though it might not be with the man you think! 

Now Available in paperback through CreateSpace
Available through Amazon 08/04/12

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