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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day & Release Day!

Here in the States, it is officially the 4th of July, Independence Day. It's also release day for my two new books so instead of updating yesterday's post, I thought I would write another and list the places the books can be bought.

Barnes & Noble
All Romance (on sale for a limited time)


The Princess…
Jolie Gasquet isn’t a wilting flower and unfortunately when it comes to her love life, she doesn’t take advice from anyone, including her family. They would like her to mate with the dashing Desmond Augustin but she would rather chew off her own tongue before she is trapped into a life with someone she can never love.

The Pauper…
Sasha Galloway may not be poor but he is the il-begotten son of William Galloway, a powerful vampire and member of the International Vampire Council. He is also an assassin for the Council and after two hundred plus years of failed love affairs, he doesn’t possess any real belief his luck might change now.

When Jolie and Sasha meet, it is lust at first sight but there is just one small problem…Lycans and vampires aren’t supposed to mix. Throw in a few secrets Sasha has been keeping and passionate feelings which could cost Jolie her pack, can an affair of the heart survive if it is doomed before it began?
Barnes & Noble
Smashwords (25% off for the month of July)
All Romance (on sale for a limited time)
Happy reading and have a wonderful Independence Day to my fellow Americans and a wonderful wednesday to everyone else in the world. ;-)

P.S. To all the people I know who are die-hard B&N fans, I am still waiting for the novels to be processed there. However, both Smashwords and All Romance sell ePub and they are heavily discounted at those websites too. ;-)

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