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Friday, July 27, 2012

Hart Attack has arrived!!!

Well, now that I have decided to give away the store in the Summer Blog Hop to three lucky winners, I thought the rest of my readers needed something new. It gives me great pleasure to introduce my newest full length novel written as Elle Chardou (so please ignore any signs before that I would be writing it under my real name). I save that for all my books which only do mediocre in sales...lol...

All Romance
Barnes & Noble (Processing)
Kobo (Publishing)
For all you gorgeous people who have no idea what it is about, here is the blurb:

Saints and Sinners
Beautiful, independent Angelika “Angie” Hart never needs a hand up. A skilled computer hacker, Angelika believes in making her own way. But when Angelika’s sister Lena invites her to vacation in New Orleans’ romantic, deadly French Quarter, Angelika descends into a dangerous new reality. In this decadent supernatural world, all that glitters is not gold. Among the gardens and graves, supernaturals reign supreme and even the worst sinner may wear a saint’s face.
Vampires and Werewolves
Inside her sumptuous antebellum mansion, Lena introduces Angelika to Andreas, the most powerful vampire in Louisiana, and Sebastiaan, the Lycan King of the North America. Handsome, rich and deadly, each man tempts Angelika in his own way. But when Lena is drawn into mortal peril, not even a vampire or a lycan can save the day. It’s up to Angelika to rescue her sister. And to do so, she must face up to family secrets, seizing the long-denied power that is her birthright.

If you are a fan of the HBO series, True Blood, you will love Hart Attack.

WARNING: This is paranormal romance novel with sexy good times, a couple of naughty Faerie-mortal shifter sisters, an Alpha Lycan King, a smokin’ hot vampire, blood, and explicit language. Gore and closed door sex scenes? Not in this book. (Novel Word Count: 90,007)

Now, I had a beautiful cover designed for me by Jack Wallen and there was nothing wrong with it but I wanted to redesign it and so the new cover has been designed by Tamra Westberry and what a beautiful cover it is. Don't get me wrong, Jack's cover was brilliant and for those who prefer his cover which is here:

I would be more than willing to supply a copy of this cover if you prefer it. It was a hard decision but I could definitely do two versions and see which one sells better but I have a feeling it would be no contest. Ms. Blanchard isn't hot and happening right now where as Elle Chardou is...plus, the writing in Hart Attack is more like Elle Chardou than Danielle Blanchard so it was definitely a strategic decision.

Anyway, like I always do with a new release, I will list the places the e-book is available. In the meantime, the only two places which are up and running are Smashwords and All Romance. Amazon and Kobo are in publishing status while Barnes & Noble is processing.

As I always do, I am running a $1 off sale on Amazon. For a limited time, the novel is available for $3.99 there while it is $4.99 everywhere else. As usual, it is DRM free so if you know how to work Calibre, you can still take advantage of the sale and convert it to what ever file type you need to read it on your e-reader.

In the meantime, happy Friday, enjoy and go buy my novel, damn it! I worked very hard! Lol!!!

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