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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cover Changes...

Well, after the significant success of The Supernaturals series, I have been convinced that perhaps covers with couples sell better in the romance section than covers with just one person (unless that person happens to be a man with major man titty on display...those seem to sell well too but I might be biased due to all the JR Ward covers I have been subjected to)...

First and foremost, I am entirely grateful to Christine DeMaio-Rice and Jack Wallen, both of whom I have worked with exclusively for more than a year regarding my covers. Their work is so beautiful I have decided against changing the paperback novels and have focused completely on the e-books.

What series is this for? The one which has been a major pain in my backside for so long, I don't remember the last time it was fun to have this series other than writing it. Looking at the pitiful numbers it is selling and its chart position is well, beyond painful.

That would The Vamp Saga of course. If it was a crappy series, I would completely understand (and believe me, I have read more than my fair share of crap vampire series especially written by indies). No offense, but most lack imagination or want to make up their own rules, like vampires all the sudden having the ability to eat food (though they are dead and do not have working digestive systems) or they want them to have a heart beat (WTF? Yeah, I know...GenMods in my series have heart beats too but that is the point -- they are genetically modified vampires not the run of the mill kind which last time I checked did not have heartbeats since they are technically dead). 

I have also read some great indie paranormal books but most of the time, they focus on vampire hunters, not vampires per se and that is what I thought was so unusual yet brilliant about my series. I have two more novels coming out this year and with the first two languishing in Amazon's 200ks while the prequel novella is all the way out in the 400ks doesn't exactly give me a warm and fuzzy feeling where this series is concerned.

Most well known authors tell you to change the blurb (it has been done countless times with all the novels in the series), change the price (yeah, that has been done too), change the title (I brainstormed with a fellow writer friend and came up with more paranormal sounding titles) and change the covers (this is not so easy to do because I would have to pay someone and my funds are limited as a divorced mother with two children).

So, what did I do? I still managed to change the covers after I fooled around a bit and read a few tutorials and watched Youtube clips. So, instead of brandishing them all out at once, I have peppered them throughout this blog post.

Premieres in a September of 2012

P.S. Both Immortal Lair, The Vamp Saga Omnibus Collection and Queen of the Immortals, are collaborative efforts. Jack Wallen initially designed them but I needed the writing to match throughout the series so I added the men and changed the font therefore he has not lost credit and can still say he designed 90% of the cover and I just added 10% worth of changes.

P.P.S. After much thought and discussion from a host of author friends, I broke the cardinal rule. All novellas in The Supernaturals will be $2.99 and the Collection $3.99. It was already this way at certain e-book stores so I have done this across the board, including at Amazon. It is nothing against my readers and I respect their intelligence and their pocketbook but I believe these are quality novellas and as people are enjoying them immensely, I believe this what they are worth. Not because of word count or because I need to charge this much. I am talking about the entertainment value.

The Collections will always be $3.99 for those who want to wait and save $2. The Cloak of Darkness and The Supernatural Collection No. 2 will both appear in August so there is plenty of time to hold off. The first collection is already out and can be purchased at any time.

Thanks again and happy Tuesday!

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