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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Teaser Blog Hop 3/3 & a 99 cent DEAL!

This week, I am featuring Queen of The Immortals: Book III in The Vamp Saga! It is due to be released before the end of March and since I am revamping all the covers, I can't post a photo of it but here is the excerpt from the novel!


I had no illusions I was the perfect vampire Queen—I was probably one of the worst, bestowed my position not because of my beauty but merely because I was the first and therefore the most powerful. I would never say there was anyone else who would have made a better Queen than I as I knew of no woman but the point was, I felt like I was failing and it was not an emotion I was equipped to handle.
My mortal life had been no picnic and although many of my problems had been caused by me, I was often my own worst enemy by taking one mistake and making it that much worse. I wondered if this is what was going on when it came to my husband’s unexplained absence.
How long would people accept he was on a self-imposed sabbatical? When would the talk turn malicious and cruel; whisperings of me having him murdered or better yet, him tiring of me and he'd decided to leave me? It made no difference if he was gone one month or one hundred years, we were still married and therefore I could never promise myself to another.
It wasn’t the same kind of lose-lose situation humans found themselves in because I could sleep with as many men and women as I wanted to but I could never declare love for another and this was a definite problem, especially when I was in love with someone other than my husband.
The torture it had been to see him gracing the halls of the château yet he was unavailable to me. I couldn’t dare sleep with him now that Mikkel was gone. It would seem like more of a betrayal than his loss already felt.
My father immediately sensed my anxiety as soon as he sat down next to me on the sofa in the Salon Bleu. The sitting room was aptly named because everything in the sitting room was various shades of blue. It matched my mood and had become one of my favorite rooms in the château because of the ambiance and the soothing feeling I received there. I also felt closest to Mikkel in this room once I found out it had been Adrienne’s favorite room as well.
He slipped an arm around my shoulders and held me close. “My love, what is the matter? You seem very out of sorts and you were distracted the whole meeting. A Queen never shows her minions how she is feeling, not even to us on the IVC. We aren’t your equals and therefore we should never be privy to your moods.”
I glared at him with fresh tears in my eyes and realized I should have never worn any shade in the white family today. “Papa, I’m so conflicted and I have been for the longest time now. I don’t understand and I feel so out of sorts. Who is my equal and with whom can I share my deepest darkest secrets?”
He passed me a black Hermès scarf and I wiped my eyes. “Unfortunately, the Queen has no equals and you aren’t any different. However, you can share your deepest fears with Emmerik—”
“Papa, no! I can’t…I can’t be around him; I can’t smile and pretend everything is okay between us when it is not. I love him…my God, I really do. I’m in love with him and for the first time, I can see that although I love Mikkel with all my heart, my feelings for Emmerik surpass the emotions I feel for my own husband.”
We stared at one another and his crystal blue eyes were so intense, I had to look away. “Why do you feel so guilty, my love? Emmerik is your life mate. You are supposed to be with him and Mikkel broke that bond. He is the one in the wrong, not you. I have never been very crazy about my brother but I hold a special detestation for him now and nothing is ever going to make that go away.
“He married you for one reason and that was to become a Day Walker. He cared nothing about your feelings and even less for what he did to Emmerik. Now he has left and you don’t know when he is coming back or where he is…tell me, how long do you plan to make yourself suffer for his absence? Do you truly believe he left because you slept with Emmerik? If you really do, you’re dead wrong. What you did with him had little -- if anything -- to do with why he’s gone and you must stop this. Grow a backbone for Christ’s sake and claim what is yours.”

To be continued...

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We have all the time in the world...until none exists at all...

Eighteen months have passed since Aurélie Segler-DeMarche and her sister, runway model Trésor DeMarche, have spoken to one another. A posh event held at Tavern on the Green changes everything for the hot and happening investigative journalist. Cable News World, Aurélie's own employer and network, reports the famous model has died under mysterious circumstances, locked in a cage in the dungeon of a penthouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Aurélie suspects foul play but when the police department is less forthcoming, she is forced to turn to the one person who might in fact have had something to do with her sister's death, Rory Krieger. Not only is the man sex on a stick but he is also a wealthy, elusive Dom in his early thirties who has kept Trésor as his submissive for the past two years.

As Aurélie digs deeper into the world of sadomasochism -- including the community, Club X-Tasy, and the eccentric members she meets -- she finds it harder to control the feelings she has for Rory. Though her first priority is to find out what truly happened to her sister, she loses herself in a world of secrecy, seduction and a path of dark desires she might not be able to resist.

Soon, she is wondering how deep is she willing to go to find out the truth and how easy will it be for a woman who prides self-control to give in to another's demands when it goes against the very grain of her personality? Some questions are best left unanswered but Aurélie soon learns the hard way she will have to lose herself to find herself...and the truth.

Fans of the 50 Shades Trilogy, The Crossfire Trilogy by Sylvia Day and If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones will be left breathless by The Ties That Bind Trilogy!

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, strong BDSM theme and elements.


Krystal Wade said...

There's so much going on here. Sounds like her husband is a jerk! She's the queen; she should make a new rile!

Erin said...

Oh, this sounds so good! I hope the queen gets what she wants!

Bethany Lopez said...

I want to hear more about Emmerik!

Bailey Ardisone said...

I'm going to wait to read this until I read the other books! Don't want anything to be spoiled - it sounds really good just by what these comments say =)