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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Slight Delay with Only Love (The Atonement Series)

I admit, I have been a naughty girl. My month is hectic and unfortunately, I am between edits for two books that are due to premiere this month. The long awaited Queen of the Immortals, book three from The Vamp Saga and Only Love (The Atonement Series).

Between changing covers (yes, the whole Vamp Saga is getting a face lift), proofreading, and edits, both books are not ready but QOTI isn't due until  the end of the month. It is Only Love that is the pink elephant in the room.

Ladies and gents, this book will premiere (a hard premiere, as in it will be everywhere -- Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, Kobo and Smashwords...iTunes takes about a week) on Friday, March 15th. Yes, that is fourteen days later than I said it would premiere on Goodreads and for this I apologize.

Please bear with me but I would rather give you a decent product then rush it out and get complaints about it having a rushed plot, being novella length, et cetera. 

Since my blog appears on Goodreads, I will update the info but until then, I wanted all of you to know I am so sorry and the book will appear this month. The paperback will be available before the end of the month. Thank YOU for putting up with me and I promise you a book worth waiting for. ;-)

P.S. Only Love (The Atonement Series) will have the cheap price of $2.99 for one whole week for the inconvenience and Atonement will be 99 cents (after that, it goes up to regular price). ;-)

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