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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Teaser Blog Hop 04/24

It's that time again! Yay! I'm super excited this week because I get to share a piece of my brand new novel I am working on! Yes, it is part of a series called Seasons of Love & Lust! Think Sex & the City meets Gossip Girl! Yes, it is New Adult Contemporary Romance but I like to think of it as four wonderful and courageous women who have had their share of hark knocks in life and love and have put their hearts out there again. The whole teaser of the series is what's the relationship about? Is it really love or just a case of hard core lust?

So, the first thing you should know is there are four women you will meet: Jerrica, Talia, Savannah and Autumn. The first novel, A Summer to Remember, is Jerrica's story and I am so excited to share her with you! No, you won't be seeing the cover (even though it is designed) because it is going to be kept a secret all the way up until I have a cover reveal. Without further ado, meet Jerrica Peterson from A Summer to Remember!


I sighed softly before I walked over to him, my mules clicking against the asphalt, and laid out on the lounger next to his.
Paul finally turned my way and smiled broadly. “Why, hello, there. I received a phone call from Jude this morning and he told me you were heading up here so I thought I would walk over and at least welcome you.”
He loved to flirt with me but we knew a relationship could never happen between us because Jude would kill me and then him. Hell, I couldn’t even take him on a test drive if I wanted to keep all my womanly parts. Jude drew the line at very little but Paul was one of the individuals who was firmly off limits to me.
“Hey, how are you?” I inquired feeling quite girly and insecure for the first time in forever.
I didn’t usually act like this and the way I behaved was not in the natural order of my life. Men bowed down to me and I treated them like a never-ending supply of Ken dolls. They bathed in the attention I gave them as well as my beauty, plied me with compliments and I had my fun and left them when I felt like it.
This was my life since Kevin had left me and it was only now I realized he had done me a favor. Without the complications of a relationship, I could have a lot of fun and not feel guilty afterwards.
I was a woman of the new generation who didn’t necessarily act like a man but definitely treated sex the way men did and it was completely liberating. Sex was a great past time and a fun activity but it didn’t necessarily lead to love and I wasn’t expecting it to either. I was twenty-four and my whole life was in front of me. I had plenty of time to settle down and find the right beau. Right at that very moment, all I was interested in was this Friday night coming up in less than a full day.
My best friends would be in Southampton with me and we would join the young and beautiful crowd on the beach and have fun, drink too much and have an absolutely wonderful time. This summer was all about spending time with Talia, Savannah and Autumn. Men were definitely an after thought and that is the way it was always going to be as far as I was concerned.

To be continued...

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Unknown said...

Dangerous thing, treating sex as if it means nothing. Call me old, but this new generation of women scares me. We're stooping to the level of men rather than rising above. We're throwing caution to the wind. We're pretending as though the emotional connections of sex--and potential ramifications--don't exist. They do. I was young once, not perfect, and speak from experience. These things catch up to your adult conscious. Sorry for the lecture. It's just your teaser is so well-written that I wanted to jump through the pages and strangle the girl. :-) That's a good thing for your story.

Bethany Lopez Author said...

I love the idea of a summer away with friends and that the series will follow each woman's journey!

Christie Rich said...

Sounds like someone is about to have her life flipped upside down :) Great teaser.

Rebecca said...

This sounds like it's going to be a great summer read!

Drea Shane said...

I love the ken doll reference!!! Amen to guys being the after thought!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for all the comments, ladies. This one is going to be a difficult book to write but I definitely think it will be worth it. ;-)

Erin said...

I love this new character! Though I agree with what Krystal said above about Jessica's attitude, I can't wait to meet her and find out more. A great teaser this week!

Unknown said...

Okay, I am caving! You women have been so awesome, next week with a preview is the cover and I hope you like it along with the teaser! ;-)

Elle C.