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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cover Revamps & Other News!

I would like to reveal here first that I am slowly revamping  the covers for The Vamp Saga but before Queen of Immortals appears at the end of the month, they will all be changed. For the time being, I reveal the new covers for Immortal Lair and Mortal Death!

The covers have already been changed at all the e-retailers where the books are sold and should be in place before Friday (with Apple, I hope by sometime next week). There is also another cover to reveal because I can't have you looking for the wrong cover on Friday, March 15th.

Only Love, the second novel in The Atonement Series has experienced a cover remake. This one is much more tasteful and I prefer it to the cover beforehand with a stock photo that has been used more than I can remember.

I would like to thank my cover artist for doing such beautiful work so quickly but I prefer this cover to the old one. Also, my cover artist did the beautiful work on Mortal Death as well while another good friend did the work for Immortal Lair. They blend beautifully and are now fully representative of the kind of novels I want The Vamp Saga to be!

Okay, back to the final polishing of Only Love. And yes, I will get around to changing the cover for Only Love on Goodreads too. Thanks and have a great evening everyone. ;-)

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