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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Teaser Blog Hop 4/14/2013 (Double Feature)!

Okay, probably one of the next to last teasers I will have for A Summer to Remember from the Seasons of Love & Lust series because this book is almost finished and then you, as my audience, will be introduced to the naughty little sister of mine, Selene Chardou. More about her later though. Without further ado, here is another teaser...

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I applied another layer of gloss before I checked my perfect skin again. The door to the women’s restroom burst open and Ashley walked in with her cousin, Imogen, in tow. They both laughed like drunken hyenas about something they were discussing until they saw me. It was almost as if they were animated dolls someone had removed the batteries from because they both just stared at me with looks of disgust and general distaste on their face.
“Uh oh, look what the cat dragged in,” Imogen said to Ashley in that plumy, upper-crust English accent she possessed. “We were hoping to avoid both you and Paul…”
“What are you doing? Stalking us?” I wondered out loud with irritation. “I certainly didn’t expect to run into you two. Manhattan is a big place and has plenty of upscale restaurants.”
“Looks like we share the same tastes in food as we do men,” Ashley responded in a cool voice before she walked over to me. “And to think, he’d almost forgotten all about you and his adolescent crush he possessed for you. It’s really my fault he’s with you now. I just had to open my mouth and tell him about what Kevin did to you at Vassar and he just did a one eighty. All the sudden, he had to be your white knight—”
“Shut up!” I exclaimed in anger.
She ignored me and continued, “I can’t believe I told him anything. I mean, I had been telling anyone who would listen how big of a whore you were for ages. It was fun to ruin your reputation. Who knew everyone had such a great opinion of you? A witch hunt kind of started against Kevin. I mean, women would date him just to try to get shit on him because they all thought that he deserved to be punished for what he did to you.”

To be Continued...

As a bonus, here is also a snippet from my new novella series, Falling into Lust, an erotic romance novella that will be part of the One More Night Trilogy. Yes, each part will end with a conclusion that will not be a cliffhanger and the whole series will premiere before the end of Autumn. For those who don't care for novella series, an Omnibus Collection should be released by October of 2013!

And now, I introduce you to Selene Chardou and the first teaser from Falling into Lust...

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“So, you’re the birthday girl?” he teased before he turned toward me with a Northern East Coast accent he had not managed to fully lose.
“Guilty as charged,” I responded back before our eyes met and for the first time, I felt the heat and electricity between us.
It was an addictive and seductive power that seemed to hold me in a death grip, and I felt like a magnet being pulled to him and his energy. I couldn’t explain why I had such a connection to a guy I didn’t even know but there it was: insta-lust in all its perfection and miserable glory.
“You’re beautiful and I can see why you have been avoiding me.” Kasper dragged from his cigarette again. “I seem to have a certain…effect on women.”
I laughed out loud because as clever as he was, he certainly had never met a woman like me. “Listen, I don’t just cream my panties because I meet a rock star.” I dragged on my cigarette before I flicked it into the ocean. “Sorry, not my style.”
He inched closer and I could smell his intoxicating cologne with hints of cypress, absinthe, sage and violet. I would recognize Love & Luck by Ed Hardy in a heartbeat so although not highly original, at least he smelled good enough to devour. “I figured as much when you weren’t seated in my lap within five minutes of this ‘meet and greet’. In fact, I thought you acted a bit rude not introducing yourself.”
“Actually, I did meet Will and Grant but I wasn’t about to approach you and Jaden. You two are way too volatile and there were too many people surrounding you.”
“Call me, Kaz,” he whispered.
“It’s Syd for me but my real name is Sydney.”

To be Continued

Mmm, I hope you are all excited about this series as much as I am! I will have a separate sign up Mailing List for Selene Chardou since I realize some people don't like erotica or erotic romance but if you do, I need ten beta readers to read and review Falling into Lust! Sign up immediately the first ten will be sent a personal email from Selene Chardou with details on when to expect their ARC copy. 

Thanks again for checking in and don't forget to check out all the other stops on this week's Teaser Blog Hop. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Erin said...

oooh, in your teaser, I sense a cat fight about to explode in the bathroom. Love your sister's as well. Of course, I always love a good rock star.

Elle Chardou said...

In terms of A Summer to Remember, I could have gone that route but I didn't. Jerrica is too classy for that and would never fall for it but let's just say Ashley manages to get her in a way she never sees coming. It is going to bring a lot of drama to the book but the best kind! ;-)

Re: Falling into Lust
Well, we should all have a naughty side but I don't want her to get mixed up with my other self. Selene is fun and playful. Although I did do my home work and this will definitely feel like a rock and roll erotic novella. I have some clean up work to do but totally jazzed about the release of this book! Nothing deep there but I do promise a good read and a happy ever after at the end between happy for nows.

Thank you for leaving a comment!

Elle C.

Bethany Lopez said...

Great teaser. Congrats and good luck with you new alter ego!

Sarah Ashley Jones said...

OH! Both of these sound great! I'm a huge erotic novel fan(but can't write them! OOPS!) and Falling into Lust I want to read RIGHT NOW!

Rebecca said...

Ohhhh, she is...grrrr! I was all like whaaaaa noooo when I was reading it. Can't wait to meet these characters!

Dawna said...

Wow, caty, McCatyson's. Very interesting scene. I hope those women get their comeuppance.

Christie Rich said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure how that one was going to end. Snapish and brutal women! Lol, great teaser!!!