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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Teaser!

The last teaser for A Summer to Remember which premieres next Friday. 

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I watched as Kris, the guitarist from Winter’s Regret, spoke with an attractive brunette who looked concerned. “I don’t like you spending so much time with her. She is a band member and that’s it. Don’t make it more than what it is. I can’t take you doing what you did to me again. I have to think about people other than myself and if we are going to get married then you have to take your responsibilities seriously.”
I tuned their conversation out because it was none of my business and moved to the opposite corner of the large balcony. Talia scared me as she touched m
I tuned their conversation out because it was none of my business and moved to the opposite corner of the large balcony. Talia scared me as she touched m shoulder and I turned around to face her.
“Hey, sweetie, what are you doing out here?” she questioned before she spotted the cigarette in my right hand. “Ah, you started up the dreaded habit again. What pushed you to start up again? The whole incident that happened between Paul and Ashley in Stamford?”
“You can say that.” I dragged from my cigarette and inhaled before I blew the smoke into the humid, Miami air. “So, your ears must be burning up…someone’s been talking about you.”
Talia snorted before she crossed her arms against her breasts. “Let me guess…that witch who is Kris’ fiancée? She can’t stand me and she’s jealous as hell but she’s been around the whole rock star life for a while now. She’s frightened of me, can you believe it?”
“Yes, I can believe it because it because you are one dangerous person and if Seth isn’t careful, he could easily lose you.”
“When hell freezes over maybe.” Her face dropped and suddenly looked concerned. “Listen, I may not know what I am talking about but…I got a tip from a gossip columnist here in Miami. She wouldn’t tell me much only to say that there is going to be something in the paper tomorrow that might interest you.”
My heart began to race in my chest as I stubbed my half-smoked cigarette out in a nearby ashtray. “Oh dear God—this doesn’t have anything to do with Ashley, does it?”
“I asked about that and the gossip columnist said that her name wasn’t mentioned in her story but that is all she would tell me. Perhaps…you better ask Paul about the skeletons in his closet. You have never wondered about what he did before the two of you got together? He was quite the player and he obviously has a few secrets he hasn’t told you.”
All the sudden I wasn’t in the partying mood.
“Thanks, sweetie. Listen, I’m tired and I think we should leave. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”
Talia nodded her head. “Get some rest. You’re gonna need it for tomorrow.”

To Be Continued... 

Unfortunately, to know what happened, you will just have to pick up a copy of the book on Friday, May 3rd! ;-) 

Falling Into Lust has officially premiered! Grab your copy today!


“I’m the girl you love to hate because I always get what I want…I wanted Kasper ‘Kaz’ Gillian, rock star god, alpha male supreme and vocalist for Scarlet Fever, one of the biggest rock and roll groups of our generation but what I got was a whole lot more. I couldn’t have known we’d eventually develop feelings for one another let alone our togetherness would last more than just one night…”

This is part one of Sydney and Kaz's journey from fan-girl and rock star to something deeper and more fulfilling than either one of them could have ever imagined...

The One More Night Trilogy is a Contemporary Romance set in the world of rock and roll:
Falling Into Lust
Falling Into Us (Coming May of 2013)
Falling Into Love (Coming June of 2013)

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