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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Muse is Dead...Long live The Muse!

I have been gone for so long, I am wondering if I was missed. Sigh, I have a very good reason. I have been holed up in my (writing) bunker and to say I am busy at the moment is an understatement. I am writing two novellas right now (The Theft of Darkness and Troubled Hart, which is book 1.5 in The Hart Family Saga as it acts as a bridge to Book 2, Change of Hart) and a full length novel, Killing Time, the first book in The Ties That Bind Trilogy.

I have bad news for my paranormal/Urban Fantasy fans. I will continue with The Supernaturals but after book eight, the series will conclude for an indeterminate amount of time. I will also continue with The Hart Family Saga but The Vamp Saga will be put on hold indefinitely after the fourth book, Immortal Dawn, comes out. I might delay Immortal Dawn until next year depending upon how my writing schedule works out. As it is, Queen of the Immortals will come out either October or November, depending upon how I arrange my book schedule for the rest of the year.

I am trying to listen to my readers and I am being given clear signals of what people want to read from me and what they don't. I will continue to put out books in the DeGeneration series but they won't be very often and will probably amount to maybe two novels per year as opposed to any quicker as I will focus on projects that people are interested in reading.

Now, back to why I have been holed up in my writing bunker. Killing Time is writing itself and I have a feeling it will do very well. No, it isn't mommy porn (I'm a mother too but that isn't exactly what I want to write). My characters are grown men and women (both in their early thirties), they suffer from no deep childhood trauma and they are consenting adults who are not fooled, beguiled or tricked into anything they don't want to do.

Thanks again for supporting me and doing what you do best. This novel is very close to my heart and it is truly a novel I believe will do well. I credit Annabel Joseph and Kitty Thomas much more than I would ever credit EL James because there is a whole world of very interesting and fascinating BDSM that has been out there a lot longer than Fifty Shades. I believe people will either love it or hate it but either way, at least they won't be bored. Enjoy your weekend and talk to you soon!

Without further ado, here is the cover reveal and the blurb:

A Murder Mystery…
Aurelie Segler-DeMarche is a smart, independent woman who works for a top rated news network, engaged to a wealthy blue blood and living a life most women would dream of when she learns her sister, catalogue and runway model Trésor DeMarche, has been murdered under mysterious circumstances. The police are quick to rule the death a suicide but she knows there is more to the story than meets the eye—she is a journalist after all.

Wrapped in a Love Affair…
Trésor’s lover, Rory Krieger, is dangerous for all the right reasons: he’s wealthy, successful, drop-dead gorgeous and owns some of the most exclusive BDSM clubs in the country. Aurelie is shocked to find out her sister was part of this sub-culture to begin with but she realizes in order to solve a mystery, she is going to have to infiltrate a closed community where strangers aren’t trusted and reality is an altered state of mind.

Of Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism…
Aurelie quickly finds out not only is she no match for the multifaceted and intelligent Rory, his life and Trésor’s was a lot more complicated than she can begin to comprehend. An indecent proposal leads to more than a night of passion, intrigue and raises more questions than answers. What happens when the unimaginable occurs and there is no where to go but deeper before the truth is revealed?

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