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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First excerpt from Killing Time

I have never been all that good at this so I will start a little count down. The book is to be released October fifteenth (officially) though it might premiere earlier and I will be the first to let you all know. I feel like my readers will be more invested if they actually met some of the characters.

Today, I introduce you to Tresor DeMarche, also known as the Laura Palmer (as in Twin Peaks) of Killing Time. It is her demise that causes everything to happen in the first place. Enjoy!

WARNING: This novel is not recommended for those under the age of eighteen.

She awoke and realized she’d been dreaming again of that last night where he had used her before placing her in the cage. The fifth day of her punishment regime. She spent her days, evenings and nights in the cage except for scheduled breaks when his stern housekeeper, Helga, would come to fetch her. She would be allowed to use the toilet, shower and then placed her back in the cage with her chastity belt and a small meal for sustenance. No one ever spoke to her and she was not allowed to speak as the ball gag was only taken out when she washed and then quickly put back into its rightful place.

This would be her last day as he’d never punished her for more than five days in a row. He would fetch her first thing the next morning and she would promise to be on her best behavior before he would fuck her long and leisurely. He would allow her to come after five days of orgasm denial and it would be the best feeling on earth.

The chastity belt was starting to get on her nerves as it had a device which had two objects inserted into each hole and she derived absolutely no pleasure from them. It was a mechanism surely designed by that bastard, Marquis de Sade himself, if there ever was one.

She grabbed her iPod, the one small pleasure he did allow her to have in the cage with her, and placed the earbuds inside her ears. She found the music of Thirty Seconds to Mars thrilling—they were her favorite band and Jared Leto was so hot. Her master reminded her of him with his dark hair and crystal blue eyes. They could be siblings as he bore a true resemblance to the sexy rock star. Plus, it seemed like Mr. Leto also wasn’t adverse to a bit of bondage and domination if the uncut video, “Hurricane”, revealed anything about his true personality.

She allowed herself to drift through This is War but by the time A Beautiful Lie began playing, she awoke again and felt the presence of someone at the cage door. She loved the album; it was her favorite and although her heart began to thump against her chest, she went back and forth between thinking about the album and what this person wanted to do to her.

The leather mask was ripped violently from her eyes and she stared at the blurred tall figure in black leather. She didn’t know if the person was a man or a woman as he or she was completely androgynous with their features covered by one of those hideous full-head leather masks. She instinctively knew it wasn’t her master or his brother but other than that, it could have been anyone.

Killing Time is considered a romantic suspense novel with contemporary romance elements. Although there is a lot of sex, bondage, submission, and domination, I do not consider this an erotica novel as this is, above all, a romance story though it is far from conventional.

I would love to hear from readers so please feel free to tell me what you think!

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