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Friday, May 6, 2011

What's in a name?

This has been a question I have been pondering at least the last few days but I fear now it is too late and I should have thought about it before I decided to publish my novels (any novels, for the matter).

I have been in a quandary as it has been a little more than over a year since I have been divorced but for some insane reason at the time, I decided to keep my married name instead of returning to my maiden one. Now that I have had a chance to think about it, before the end of the year, I do plan to return to my maiden name (including passport, driver's license, et cetera) but now that I have been writing and my name is out there (well, as much as it is out there), I can't start writing in my maiden name, can I?

It would cause so much havoc and the headache alone would not be worth it but it really upsets me I hadn't thought about it sooner. To be honest, self-publishing was a bit of an impulse, driven by the fact that I have this novel just sitting with me and no one has read it except for myself, my sister and another friend of the family. I had no illusions about being a multi-millionaire; an overnight success. I merely wanted a modest amount of notoriety for the right reasons and maybe thirty or forty thousand people (with the world population being well over a billion, I certainly don't think this would qualify me as having delusions of grandeur, or does it) who enjoyed my work and liked what I wrote as an author.

Who knows? At this point in time, the whole subject is a moot point but if I had to do it all over again, I would rather be known as Blanchard than a Benson.

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