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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome to France and getting locked out of Gmail...

I'm so sorry as this absence is unacceptable. However, I have a very good reason. Since Thursday, I have not been able to access this Gmail account and thus, could not update my blog. I have a special treat though as I must post my interview with the absolutely lovely and charming Tom, the man behind the wonderful novel, Mad Gods (yes, I actually own a copy). For all of those interested, I will post an Amazon Kindle link to the book at the end of this post.

First things first: how do you get locked out of your Gmail account? Any of you heard of the 2-step verification system? I loaned out my email (and yes password) to my best friend so she had access to my blog and website which are both through this certain email address. I then set up the 2-step verification system so she would access to my blog and my website without being able to read my emails. It works like this: you log on with your username and password, a code is sent to your cell by text or voice (your choice). It works like a dream in the States. Small problem: I'm not in the States and my Verizon phone is unusable here in France (I have a cheapo phone I bought specifically for my vacation time in France and it even came with a French telephone number from a company by the name of Call In Europe). It's very helpful by the way.

So, that has been my odyssey: well, that and the first few days of being here in France which were beautiful and amazing. Then I went out with a French friend last night and escaped a torrential downpour here in Versailles by fleeing to Paris. Lovely that was . . . for about two hours and the weather caught up with us. It started to rain quite steadily but Jordane and I were still able to enjoy our very "French" meal (pizza y'all! LOL) and I had a nice glass of white wine while Jordane stuck to a soft drink as he had to drive me back to Versailles.

On our way back to the car (in a carpark about 10 blocks away from where we had our meal), the steady rain became a torrential downpour, a regular Noah's ark. It was horrible! My clothes were drenched and I was cold (but the weather was still surprisingly warm and humid). I was dropped off at 2am in the morning back at my girlfriend's flat and I have never felt so uncomfortable. Wet clothes, wet hair, wet skin. I changed and immediately went to bed.

I awoke to beautiful, if somewhat mixed weather. It's sunny but there are clouds in the sky. Nothing much happened. I finished a James Patterson novel (Worst Case, which actually was pretty good; better than The Postcard Killers, which I read yesterday). And guess what, I finally get the chance to speak to my sister, get into my account (I had the code sent to her phone and she was able to tell me as we chatted on Skype), and just as I sit down to write this message, another torrential downpour has started here in Versailles! Unbelievable! Rain, for two days! I should have known the day would end badly when I found out Nadal beat Federer in the French Open finals . . . *sob*. My mom is a huge Nadal fan but I am much more partial to the sexy and Swiss Federer.

Okay, ladies and gents, I shall end my post here but more to come tomorrow. My exquisite interview with the novelist of Mad Gods! Until then, I bid you all adieu! ;-)


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