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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Day, Another Party...

The coolest thing about being here in France: the sun doesn't set until late, really late. I mean super late. Like ten at night late. So, you really lose track of the time, or at least I do. I'm used to the sun setting about eight p.m. but I also live in Las Vegas and that isn't nearly as northern as Ile-De-France (the pays where both Paris and Versailles happen to be located, amongst other cities, suburbs and towns).

Last night was a good friend's surprise birthday party and it was so much fun. It didn't start until around 8pm and it ended at 1am in the morning (did I mention I'm the only one on vacation here so everyone else had to rise this morning and go to work?)... I had such a wonderful time. The weather still isn't that great (cloudy and overcast sky, okay temps but certainly not summer weather) but we still had a barbeque in the garden and there was way too much food and alcohol for us 20 or so people. There was so much wine, beer and hard liquor, I don't think we even went through most of it but we still had an amazing time. And did I talk about the food? I could wax poetic all day about French food as it is that good to me. Some people get misty eyed over Mexican, Italian or Chinese; for me, it is without a doubt French food. What can I say? I think it reminds me of southern food with great cheese! There is so much pork and I love pork. And seafood too. I love seafood. And cheese. Don't get me started on the 500+ varieties of cheese here in France. I know when I leave, I will miss the cheese the most because Costco only sells a few French cheeses (Brie being one of my faves) but they don't do Comté or Camembert or the delicious goat cheese that comes from here in France... *Sigh*

Okay, about the party. Well, what can I say? Beautiful French women (yes, men, they are that great looking and sexy as hell) and handsome French men (yes, women, they are all that and very seductive to boot). I suppose I can officially say I have been in France too long when a French friend and I can dissect the French guys at a party and giggle over who would be good in bed versus who would be bad in bed.

Although I will keep this post PG-13, nothing has happened as of yet. I have a few French men who are occupying my time at the moment but I haven't decided yet who will be the lucky fellow. LOL... All I can say is that even if I never decide (as there is a chance I still won't have chosen before I leave here in less than two weeks), French men also make wonderful friends as they can cook and are great conversationalists. No, I can't chat to my French guy friends like my French girl friends but they are lovely no less and easy on the eyes (more often than not).

Later this week, I have another lovely author interview/blurb planned and I look forward to sharing this new author with all of you. Until then, I will allow your imagination to run wild about what happened at the lovely French birthday party. Let's just say we all had a bit too much to drink but no one stripped and no one puked up. It was all very sophisticated and very French. There was excellent coversation to go with the lovely food and drink. Oh yeah, and quite a few dishes that I will have to wash this afternoon (yes, we used paper plates and paper cups but there are still a few dishes that need to be taken care of and the kitchen needs to be tidied up).

Until I write again, here is a great big bisous (kiss) from Versailles to you...

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