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Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Winners of the Contest & an excerpt from Falling Into Love!

The winners for A Celebration of New Adult Romance are...drum roll please....

Kym W. has won a brand new Kindle Paperwhite!
Joan S. has won a $40 Amazon gift card!
Lori F. has won a $20 Amazon gift card!

Congrats, ladies, and I will be in touch with all the winners within 24 hours. 

Now for the good part...a brand new excerpt from Falling Into Love, the final part of the One More Night Trilogy! Remember, this trilogy only focuses on Syd and Kaz's relationship before and during the tour. 

Their story will continue and be the first novel in the Scarlet Fever series, which will examine each band member's relationship with their significant others once the Gods of Rock Tour is over.


Shortly after arriving to our hotel and settling in, the girls wanted to have a drink at The Promenade Bar. I’d showered and changed into a slinky black, lace-edge Versace cocktail dress and paired it with silver Christian Louboutin four-inch sandals. Kaz surprised me as I slipped on a couple of bracelets and kissed my neck.
“Where do you think you’re going in that sexy nightgown?” he joked before his hands gripped my breasts through the thin material.
“Downstairs to have drinks with the girls,” I replied before I turned around to face him. My arms immediately laced around his neck and all the sudden, I didn’t care about drinks anymore. I just wanted to spend the night devouring this beautiful man.
Why couldn’t I get enough of him? I felt like a nympho in heat and no matter how many times we slept together, it never was enough. I would never tire of this man and the thought suddenly frightened me half to death.
I needed to get away just to breathe on my own and to stop what ever I was doing. It wasn’t healthy—my constant need for Kaz. I had to leave to see my friends, if only to prove to myself I didn’t have an unhealthy addiction to my boyfriend who turned me into a wanton sex kitten when ever I was in his presence.
His aquamarine eyes were bright and stared into my own; I had no secrets from him and there was no where for me to hide. “What girlfriends would those be?”
“Ugh…” My mind suddenly went blank before the names came back to me. “Faith, Laurel, Sasha, and Damira.”
“So, you aren’t spending any time with Keren or Misty?”
I shook my head. “No, baby. Besides, Misty is pregnant and she shouldn’t be drinking.”
Kaz’s grip grew tighter on my body and I suddenly felt a strong sense of abandonment. I was abandoning him, the same way his mother had and I should have asked him if it was okay to go out that night. Not because I was afraid he would say no but because he needed me a lot more than the girls did.

To be continued...

Happy Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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