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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update...look out for a certain novella coming this summer!

I have gotten quite a bit of feedback and it looks like Talia Viaro-Stewart from A Summer To Remember (Seasons of Love & Lust) is going to be a very popular character indeed.

Talia and Seth

To answer some questions I have been asked:

-Yes, Talia is in both Seasons of Love and Lust and my alter-ego, Selene Chardou's One More Night Trilogy, simply because she has a certain job and if anyone has read one or both books then they know Scarlet Fever is touring with Winter's Regret.

- Yes, Talia's story will be complicated. In fact, hers is the third in the series and a love triangle so there will be cheating (consider yourself warned right now).

- So, to give a you a bit more back story and just because I wanted a sexy time novella between Talia and her current beau, Seth Delveccchio, I am releasing a novella within the next six weeks titled A Weekend to Remember (A Seasons of Love & Lust Novella). This takes place during the time Talia leaves Martha's Vineyard in the middle of the 4th of July vacation and will only make sense if you read A Summer to Remember so this novella is not a stand-alone. 

I am very pleased with how this series is being received because each book is designed to reflect the season. 

There is less angst in A Summer to Remember because it is supposed to be carefree and light, a lot like summer. 

Falling for Autumn won't be as light but it won't be dark either. 

Winter's Regret is going to be the brooding, angsty book because it centers around a love triangle, rock stars, drugs, cheating and everything awful and ugly about the music industry. 

Spring Fling lightens up again and will have some angst but not nearly as much as Winter's Regret.

Again, thank you for all your support and thank you for buying A Summer to Remember! Don't forget, purchasing either A Summer to Remember and/or Falling into Lust qualifies you for the Kindle Paperwhite so enter the contest after you purchase! The contest ends June 2, 2013. 

P.S. And to thank my readers, A Weekend to Remember will be priced at 99 cents if it is 20k or less. I think that is fair. Readers want more Talia but I am not trying to rip off anyone. ;-)

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