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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Indie-Licious Teaser...

Well, I am taking May and June to finish the One More Night Trilogy since my next couple novels will be too angst heavy for summer. I will be working on Bleeding Love and Reckless Behavior, a prequel to Indecent Behavior. Sarah at Okay Creations is doing the cover for Indecent Behavior so that novel won't be out until October of 2013.

So, without further ado, here is a little tease from Falling Into Us, the second book and full length novel from the One More Night Trilogy.

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Kaz sat next to me and downed his in a couple of swigs. “Today was complete and absolute bull, Syd. I swear to God, if you weren’t going on tour, I wouldn’t want to do this. You’re my rock, you know that, right?”
Perhaps it was the feel the nine hundred dollar of scotch was giving me or the conversation I’d had with Laurel but I slipped my arms around his neck and kissed the side of his face.
“I feel the same way about you. Sometimes…I feel so useless and perhaps that is why I shopped all the time and did stupid, vacuous things with my friends but you saying I give you strength…that is one of the most beautiful statements I have ever heard.”
He set the glass down on the art deco coffee table before he stared into my eyes, those aquamarine irises were mesmerizing. “You don’t have to do anything but be you. I know how unsure you feel about this—what we have—and let me just reassure you this isn’t a plaything. You aren’t some groupie I am keeping around for a while. When I see you, no matter how bad my day was, you brighten it up for me. I promise you with all my heart that when I love you, I’ll tell you…until then, know you are working your way into my soul, my very being. Everything about you and I just works and I can’t be more grateful for that.”
I bit my lower lip before I said, “Love takes time, Kaz, don’t feel bad. I don’t love you either…not yet but what we have goes well beyond lust or infatuation and I am very fond of you. I would have to be to get your name tattooed on my back, wouldn’t I?”
“Tattoos can be changed but what we feel for each other is real and I don’t want to rush that. I want to enjoy all my moments with you and you’re not just some hot piece on my arm or some groupie, you’re my woman and don’t let anyone tell you different, not even my witch ex-wife.”

I hope you enjoyed today's tease and remember to check out all the other teasers this week!

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