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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Killing Desire to premiere Wednesday, November 7th!

POST SCRIPT: Due to issues beyond my control, Killing Desire will be available for purchase on All Romance and Smashwords tomorrow, November 7th and by Thursday on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I will post links as soon as it goes live. For the sake of fairness, the book will be the same price across the board on all four venues: $3.99. Both All Romance and Smashwords use multiple formats and the book will be available as an ePub, mobi, prc, and PDF document (ie: if you have any kind of e-Reader, there will be a format available for it on Wednesday) . Thank you for being so understanding and have a wonderful day. ;-)
P.S. The paperback should be available before the end of the month. ;-)

The beautiful cover above, designed by the wonderful Tamra Westberry, will accompany  this hot and heavy second novel in The Ties That Bind Trilogy. Obviously with Amazon and Barnes & Noble being the way they are, the novel probably won't show up on those venues until Tuesday, the 6th, but I will include links to Smashwords and All Romance, which will make the novel immediately available for purchase. I am very excited and can't wait until it is released. That's my big news for the week before Election Day.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and continue to read! ;-)


B Swangin Webster said...

The cover is beautiful!


please contact me, sandra.bowman@intriguepublishing.com

ThePoshLatinCook.com said...

I have been stalking smashwords website all week. I checked again today and it's still not available. When will it be available?

Danielle Blanchard said...

I'm working on the finishing touches as we speak. The novel will definitely be available on both Smashwords and All Romance after noon, Pacific Standard Time.

ThePoshLatinCook.com said...

Thank you!!! Can't wait!