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Thursday, November 22, 2012

99 cent sale & My New Novel

Yeah, I have been missing in action, only because I had two books due to premiere this month. The first one was Killing Desire and the second one was Atonement, a contemporary romance novel which, technically, is considered New Adult, imagine that. I suppose if you want to call a main character who is hitting twenty-nine a new adult then go right ahead.

Atonement is NOT The Ties That Bind and The Atonement Series is strictly contemporary romance. There is no BDSM, just a good old fashioned love story about love and loss. That doesn't mean it isn't steamy though...when do I ever write a book that isn't steamy? 

So here is the cover, description and the places it is available now!


Barnes & Noble

All Romance (on sale for $3.99)

The first installment of The Atonement Series.

Deirdre Bardot is a PhD student at Harvard and on her way home for Thanksgiving when she finds out her father has been murdered in a vicious hit and run by a drunk driver.

Forced to piece her life back together after such a traumatic event, she moves back to Seattle to be closer to her younger sister, Caitlyn and her mother.

When her psychiatrist advises her she needs to get away from it all, and her best friend Drew decides to introduce her to his work mate and friend, Colin, all bets are off. Deirdre finds herself falling hard for a guy she barely knows and the two decide to get to know one another that much better on a trip around Western Europe.

Then the unspeakable happens and Colin is forced to reveal the secret he's hiding ... a secret that is breaking him, and in doing so, destroy the relationship he and Deirdre have built together in the process.

There is also a Black Friday 99 cent sale on some of my other work going on now at The Wicked Cucumber Press. Check it out for some great savings! Until then, happy Thanksgiving and enjoy shopping this weekend! 

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