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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Diagram of a Murder Mystery

When I initially came up with the concept of Killing Time, I knew the comparisons to the Fifty Shades Trilogy would eventually follow, especially since I decided to turn it into The Ties That Bind Trilogy. However, what I have noticed lacking from a lot of romance novels (especially contemporary romance novels) is the lack of a cohesive plot.

Usually the love affair and the angst that accompanies said love affair is the plot but I was determined for The Ties That Bind Trilogy to be different. Under the tab dedicated to the trilogy is an excerpt which includes the whole prologue and what you will find there is a mystery that will be solved but is also a running theme throughout the series as a whole.

This was not an easy endeavor to start because one of my favorite shows (and the drama that took America by storm) was the series, Twin Peaks. Many people loved the series but were sorely disappointed by the film and I could understand a lot of their frustrations. Many of the characters who were on the show were played by different actors in the film and it seems like an amalgamation of sorts where all the plot points brought up in the show are not fully addressed.

If there is anything I hate more as a writer (and a reader), it's when an author decides to throw in plot points (many times to lengthen  the book) but they are not resolved by the time the series is completed. It is important for me not to take the novels off on a tangent without finishing and wrapping up the plot points (not to mention finally revealing who murdered Tresor DeMarche, the main character's dead sister who is always there despite her death early on in the book).

So, how do I classify Killing Time and The Ties That Bind Trilogy? I could have easily slid it into erotica due to some of the very racy sex scenes but the category wouldn't have done the book or the series justice. There is a method to my madness and although I would be the first to admit the book ventures into erotic romance territory, I do not consider it a true erotic romance novel.

In the end, I settled on Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance. Perhaps Contemporary Romance should be changed to Contemporary Women but I will keep the categories as they are for now. I do believe that although it is romantic in its context, it is a series both men and women will enjoy.

So, without further ado, I ask the question to my fellow blog followers? What makes the perfect romantic murder mystery to you and what would keep you interested in such a trilogy to follow it to the end? 

Everyone who answers the question can enter themselves into the contest found here and if this is a trilogy you think you will be interested in, I strongly recommend you to pick up a copy of the novel at any of the e-retailers that are stocking it, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, Smashwords, Amazon Paperback and CreateSpace.

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