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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Elle's "Sizzling Summer Blog" Stop

Summer has always been one of my favorite times of the year and if you have ever read any of my books, you'll realize that quite a few of them either take place in the summer or the winter.

All four of the novels I am offering as part of the blog hop take place either entirely during the summer or mostly in the summer and that is a great thing because summer is all about sun, sand and fun. Barbeques and backyard get togethers. Swimming pools and trips to the lake.

Now, for more about the books I am offering and their blurbs...

“Life is really strange. Two events have shaped mine although I am only twenty-four, a successful entrepreneur and owner of my own gallery, Maison des Artistries, in Tribeca. One happened when I was ten: I realized I was in love with my brother’s best friend, Paul. The other event happened while I attended Vassar College during my last semester.”

Jerrica Peterson doesn’t believe in fairytale relationships but she does believe in friendship and she has three best friends who will stick by her through thick and thin.
Jerrica and her best friends: Talia, Autumn and Savannah bond over a summer of heartbreaks and discoveries, love and scandal, and three unforgettable vacations to Southampton, Martha’s Vineyard and Miami Beach. Every moment they spend together will enrich their lives and make it a summer they will never forget and one they will always remember.

A Summer to Remember is the first novel in Seasons of Love & Lust, a combination of Gossip Girl meets Sex & the City

Five years ago, Evie Sandstrom and Finn Reilly were best friends and first loves. Although neither has forgotten this time of their lives, they have moved on.

Evie is now a college student who has decided to transfer for her junior year to Boston University to be closer to her family…and Finn Reilly is still there, waiting for her, in Charlestown.

During part of a gorgeous summer, they fall in love again only to be torn apart by Evie’s mother, the beautiful and untouchable superstar, Athena Donahue. Evie is angry and determined to get even and her mother makes it too easy for her…she’s married a 30 year old boy-toy French model and he is dangerously attracted to Evie. Love and lust can collide in the cruelest ways and now Evie finds herself conflicted, caught in the crossfire, and swept in the undertow.

Deirdre Bardot is a PhD student at Harvard and on her way home for Thanksgiving when she finds out her father has been murdered in a vicious hit and run by a drunk driver.
Forced to piece her life together after such a traumatic event, Deirdre moves back to Seattle to be closer to her younger sister, Caitlyn, and their mother.
When her psychiatrist, Dr. van der Meer, suggests she needs to get away from it all and take a vacation, her best friend decides to introduce her to a friend of his who has more or less the same idea. Colin is perfect: he's good looking, self-deprecating and sexy as hell but he also happens to be the Dr. van der Meer's son.
Deirdre finds herself falling hard for a guy she barely knows and one who is equally into her as she is into him. They decide a trip to Western Europe together is the perfect way to get to know one another a whole lot better.

Then an unspeakable and random act of violence occurs one night and Colin realizes he is forced to reveal a secret to Deirdre he has been hiding...a secret that is breaking him, and in doing so to free his conscience, he just might destroy the relationship he has created with Deirdre and lose her forever.

Is love truly enough...ever?

Deirdre Bardot thought she and Colin van der Meer would be okay after a revelation about his past left her devastated beyond belief. However, when emotions and logic aren't aligned, she finds herself in a situation where she must flee or the relationship itself will end up drowning her.

After an explosive secret is revealed, she leaves her life in Seattle behind and starts anew in La Jolla. However, she didn't anticipate having the dashing "sex on a stick" neighbor in the form of Drake O'Connell. He's sexy, self-depreciating and a chef for one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

However everyone has secrets and as Deidre and Drake become closer, her old life catches up with her. Soon, Colin is living in the same city and pushing Deirdre to make a decision. While she finds herself falling for Drake yet still not letting go of what she and Colin had together, she must come to her own conclusions and in the end, someone will get hurt in the process.

When life is love and love is pain, and the whole world is various shades of gray, Deirdre gains strength in realizing she must do what is right for her and the future she desperately wants while trying to come to terms with a past she would rather forget.


What is your favorite part about summer and what do you look for in a summer read? 
All you have to do is leave a blog comment.

 You could win......

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Kary Thornburg said...

My favorite part of summer is fireflys. They are a magical piece of my childhood. I always look for a book with a strong Alpha male!

Jennifer Irving said...

My favorite summer reads are hot steamy reads with warm locales!
Thanks for participating!
jennirv4967 at gmail dot com

Wanda said...

thanks for the contest! Schools out no early getting up in the mornings.

susanmp said...

I love that I don't have to shovel a path to leave my house.

susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

Karoline Marie said...

I love the smells, like fresh cut grass and grilling out. Summer reads I want something easy, not much angst!

Lynn Hubbard said...

Happy 4th of July! Have a Sizzling Summer!

Jean MP said...

Look forward to the warm weather and the sun. I look for light and fluffy reads for the summer.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Valerie R said...

I look forward in the warm days, SUNSHINE.. I love it as it keeps me happy when Outside. I like to lounge out on the porch with a good book and a glass of wine.

Book Attict said...

I live in Florida, so for me Summer's all about reading at the beach! I'm really not a "seasonal" reader. I read whatever seems interesting to me at the time.

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com
GFC: BookAttict

Donna Reynolds said...

I love Summer because I get to send more time with my kids mrscrabbyfan@gmail.com

Veronika said...

I love Summer, because the weather is warm. :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

Marissa A said...

When I don't have a summer semester, or before and after, it's just nice to relax, catch more on my reading and writing. It's just a relaxing time :)


katsrus said...

Love being able to grill. Being able to see my flower garden. I like light romantic reads in the summer. Love a happy ending. Thanks for being part of the hop.
Sue B

katsrus said...

Love being able to grill. Being able to see my flower garden. I like light romantic reads in the summer. Love a happy ending. Thanks for being part of the hop.
Sue B

Tiffany said...

My favorite thing about Summer is just being able to relax in the sun. With a book of course. I've read different types of genres since the Summer started, so I have no preference about a certain one. ^_^ Thanks for the giveaway!!!


Jami Gray said...

Summer..kids are home and the pool is like a warm slice of heaven! For reads? Any story/character that can suck you in and never let you go until the last page is devoured, is always going to make it to my To-Be-Read pile on my nightstand or take up residence in my Kindle!
Happy 4th and thanks for being part of the hop!

Theresa Esterline said...

Happy 4th of July everyone!! What an awesome give-away -- thanks I would love an iPad mini! theresa.esterline@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Nice choices! Happy 4th

Froggy said...

Happy 4th! Thanks for the great giveaway!


Froggy said...

forgot to say best thing about summer is the fresh fruits and veggies ;)

Froggy froggarita@gmail.com

itlnbrt said...

The weather is my favorite part of summer and my favorite type of read is romance and family.

Great stop! Happy 4th.

itlnbrt dot att dot net

Elizabeth H. said...

My favorite part of summer is when it's over! I love any read that makes me forget the heat! Thanks for the awesome hop!! Happy 4th!!

ehaney578 at aol dot com

BLHmistress said...

I love about summer is going to the beach and walking in the sand and jumping the waves. I just love to read anything that grabs me not too particular.

Rafflecopter Name Dawna Newman


Silvia Fugate said...

My favorite part about summer has to be the nice long walks I get to enjoy with my dog.
A summer read anything that gets me lost for a few hours.


Megan said...

My favorite part of summer is the chance to spend time with my kids while they are home on summer break. I love a summer read that grabs my attention and keeps it in the midst of all the distractions of summer.

AmethystDaydreams at zoho dot com

Kimberly Perry said...

I love getting the chance to spend some time outside, walking or biking. A good summer read is anything that grabs my attention. Thanks for the giveaway!

Not Everyones Mama said...

This is sad. My favorite part of summer is sleeping in. See. Sad. :) I'm an insomniac and have been forever. It's tough going to sleep at 4 finally and then your alarm goes off at 6:30 to get kids off to school. :)

And in a read - a good plot with lots of heat. :)

donnas said...


All I look for is a good story.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Jeanette Platt said...

Thank you for the blurbs... I haven't read any of your books but i now put you on my list of TBR authors/books.

I look forward to sleeping in during the summer... It is nice my alarm doesn't go off at 6:30 everyday... I can be in jammies pretty much all day and nobody questions it lol. Well hubby does but if i don't have to go anywhere, who cares my boys don't lol. I like a great feel good, spicy read for summer. Something with far off places and sandy beaches :)


Stacey said...

Living in the desert, I prefer Winter over summer!!

Thanks for sharing :)


AJ Wiliams said...

Love the books you displayed

ashlynnwiliams81 (at) gmail (dot) com

jessiel said...

My favorite part of summer is getting to visit my family in my homestate of NJ. I have a couple of these books on my Kindle & cannot wait to start reading them. Thank you for being part of this hop!

JessieL62 AT comcast DOT net

magic5905 said...

I read a lot during summer, too hot to do anything else. I read the same stuff all year long, nothing special just for summer.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

Sebella Blue said...

My favorite part of summer is the warm nights and the smell of blooming honeysuckle. I like my summer reads to be fun, light and flirty.

Shelly Hammond said...

Thank you so much for the chance to read all the different blurbs! Wow, all the books sound great and I have added them to my list of books! I really like all the covers as well. They are brilliant and instantly draw your eyes to the books. Love them!

My favorite part about summer is having the windows open and getting the nice air circulating (when it's not super evil humid that is) and cookouts! What I look for in summer reads is some steamy fun!

Thanks for the giveaway chance and the great books to add to my reading list.

Shelly H

books4me said...

My favorite part about summer is not having to get up early and having time with my teen. She will be a sophomore in high school so I know our summer time is limited!

I look for hot, spicy read in the summer! I'm already hot from the heat so why not add a hot book and a cold glass of iced tea?!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Helena Ferrell said...

My favourite part of summer is no classes, of course! It's a nice break to refresh myself for my next term. In summer books, I look for light and fun books.

Mel Bourn said...

I love my time off and being able to set my own rules in the summer. It feels so good!

My summer reads are just as hot at the temp outside!!

bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Beckey said...

Vacations, Get together Barbecues, and swimming as well as reading


Jessmartin said...

I love being able to lounge by the pool and getting some sun while the kids enjoy themselves. As for summer reading, I'll still read whatever peaks my fancy!


savannah said...

For a summer read I like something fast paced. I can't wait to check out A Summer to remember I'm a HUGE Sex in the City fan So I know I will love it :)


Michelle Bledsoe said...

Favorite part of summer is sleeping late,of course. I look for sizzing hot loving in my romances...
koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

brbalways said...

Longer days, swimming and of course handsome males being bare chested. ;)


Renata S said...

The best of summer for me is travelling to the beach. And I love reading at the beach, summer light readings, just for fun ;-)

alifeamongbooks [at] gmail [dot] com

Brooke Carson said...

I love the warm summer nights sitting on the porch reading a really good book. I like to read anything that is about romance.

Mer said...

My favorite part of summer is reading on the beach! I like variety in my vacation reads...a paranormal, some historical fiction, whatever catches my eye but I haven't had time to read.

dancingcelt at gmail dot com

MegD82 said...

Thanks for the giveaway megd82@hotmail.com!

wpogrant said...

Look forward to the warm weather

Booklover1335 said...

In my summer reads I like lots of heat and humor!

booklover1335 at gmail dot com

Shadow said...

Hi! Great books! I can definitely see reading these this summer! One thing i love about summer is being able to sit outside, under a tea and read. *sigh* Love it! And i like all types of romance books! Depending on my mood, i switch between a bunch of them! :) Thank you for the fun hop and giveaway! :)

Sherry said...

I love the warm weather and swimming. As long as the story sounds good to me I'll read it. There's really not just one thing I look for in a book.
sstrode at scrtc dot com

Sexy Writer said...

My favorite part of summer time is watching my fiance' get all sweaty working in the summer heat. When he removes his shirt, and the sweat begins dripping down his tanned, muscular chest, and teases me on the way down his abs like glittering diamonds in the hot summer sun, it makes the sexy book I am sure to be reading scorch my own skin with promises of what is to come that night, and set my whole body on fire with naughty thoughts!

Sexy Writer said...

I got so excited, I forgot to leave my email addy! kbinmich@yahoo.com

cashsb89 said...

I like the break from school and spending time with my family. A good summer read has hot and steamy romance and a guy to fall in love with!

Keisha Johnson said...

My favorite thing about summer is sitting outside with your sunglasses on and music in you ears and reading a book. You could be at the beach with the sand in your toes or by the pool. My favorite summer read is the hot steamy romance that makes you blush or a mystery book.

susan1215 said...

I love swimming in the Summer. I look for a read that keeps me guessing.

s2s2 at comcast dot net

Marie Rein said...

Love the fireflies!

priscilla poore said...

Love that the sun doesn't go down till late! I love summer loving! prispoore@gmail.com

Tina B said...

Great excerpts! Thank you for sharing.
It used to be going to the beach, but since I live in Florida now, it is warm the whole year practically. :)
I love being able to do things with the kids.
As far as summer reads, as long as it's steamy, I am there. ;)
trb0917 at gmail dot com

Vera Geisler said...

thanks for the contest!

Vikki Kelleher said...

Thanks for the contest.

Valerie R said...

So excited... almost time.. good luck everyone!!

vals_hemi at yahoo dot com