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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To Be or Not To Be... a schizophrenic writer that is...

The past seems to have caught up with me and not in a good way.

I have had so many plans for this year but there has been one huge monkey wrench thrown into everything I have wanted to do.

If anyone has bothered to look at the novel chronologies in the back of my books, they look pretty schizo so this post is to try to make everything as simple as possible. The list of books I plan to release this year are as follows:

1) The Catalyst: Book One (The Pop Stars) - Released January, 2012
2) Beginnings: Book I (The Plague) - Released February, 2012
3) Re-Release of The Beautiful People: Part One & The Beautiful People: Part Two [all serial versions of the novel will be discontinued and each part will be sold for $5.49 due to length, which are well over 130k or 500+ pages each] - To Be Released Spring, 2012
4) Love Voodoo: Book I (DeGeneration) - Spring, 2012
5) Better Off Dead: Book II (The Vamp Saga) - April, 2012
6) Apocalypse 2012: Book II (The Plague) - Summer, 2012
7) Queen of the Undead: Book III (The Vamp Saga) - Autumn, 2012
8) The Making of a Star: Book Two (The Pop Stars) - late Autumn/Winter, 2012

So, as you can see, I plan to release at least six original works this year beside the re-releases. I would like to get both The Beautiful People series' books out on the first year anniversary of when I released The Proposal: Book One of The Beautiful People but I can't promise this for sure.

What happens to Summerlin and its prequel you ask? Well, they will probably be released next year some time along with the second and final book of the DeGeneration series, the fourth book in The Vamp Saga and the "supposedly" final book of The Plague series. I say supposedly because I really like the characters and I am not sure I want it to remain a trilogy but it just might.

Beginnings: Book I (The Plague) has already sold twelve copies in three days and although I won't be pushing J.A. Konrath out of the way any time soon, this is amazing, especially when I quietly uploaded it to Amazon and Smashwords Superbowl Sunday without telling a soul. On the first day it was available on Amazon, it sold six copies! So, I am extremely excited about the possibilities and I just hope everyone who has bought a copy enjoys it and continues to do so.

So, there you have it: that's my list and I am sticking to it because it's where my muses are at the moment. They want to continue writing The Vamp Saga and The Plague series. I can't get myself away from these two series' if I tried so I am going to stay with them and ride them out.

If you were really looking forward to my romance novel(s), I apologize for any disappointment caused, but my head is so not in a romantic place at the moment and I am having too much fun with vampires, Day Walkers, zombies and super soldiers. Sorry!

All the best and happy reading, everyone! ;-)

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