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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Holidays are approaching... ;-)

Okay, so you know me. I am not one to gloat on myself for very long before moving on so I wanted to let all my wonderful blog followers know I am participating in The Holiday Blog Hop which will take place from December 15th through December 25th. I am excited to announce that during this time, I will be hosting a contest and two lucky winners will receive an extra special holiday treat... a Paranormal e-Book Gift Basket with three yummy novels.
You know this one is included, right?
Who are the authors involved as I wouldn't do this by myself? Shea MacLeod and Norah Wilson! That's right, the two winners will not only get my latest novel, Death Wish, but they will also receive Nightfall by the talented Norah Wilson and Kissed By Darkness, Shea MacLeod's treat about a bad ass vampire hunter and the two men in her life. Yeah, I know, y'all wanna see thew covers, here goes!

I've been drooling for this one myself...
Yeah, this one is in the basket, too!
Can I just say the two novels above look like some great reading? Along with Death Wish, you're set. So, remember to start commenting, definitely during the blog hop as that is how the winners will be decided or I just might throw all your shiny, happy faces  (the 60+ who follow this blog) into a hat and choose two winners (that'll be fun)!!!

That's it for now, folks. Until next time, happy reading and don't forget to check out the two authors above as they have other titles out as well which are just dying to be bought... ;-)

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